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Lunell was thorough, gracious, firm, and kept all parties on task. She required all parties to be open, honest, and accountable for their issues. The end result was that everyone had the opportunity to express their issues while listening to those of the other parties. All of the participants gained greater insight into the process and the intentions of the other players. This occurred approximately one year ago, and staff morale has returned.

--Department Director

Photo of Lunell Do you have a confident understanding of your business but are uncertain about how to discover and implement improvements? Do you suspect changes in your structure and culture could make your business more effective... and more fun? Do you wonder if people in your organization can be better utilized and more satisfied? Are your employees withholding knowledge and abilities? Are conflicts blocking progress? Could reorganizing people and their work improve anything?

These are issues I can help you identify and resolve.

I work with leadership and teams in small and medium organizations to improve infrastructure and performance. The foundation of the work involves aligning the organization's and individual's purpose in terms of values and vision. Then clear plans and strategies are devised and implemented. This often mandates changing some challenging situations. My experience with a host of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies provide for rich perspectives that benefit clients who are bright, hard working, ethical, creative and who enjoy work and life.

Do you have expensive internal challenges such as

I can help isolate causes and symptoms, and remedy these conditions.

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