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There is no way we can adequately say "thank you" for all the help, guidance, consultation, advice, consolation, and old fashioned hard work you've done for us! We've come a long way these past ten months. You have been our guide.

--Organization CEO

About Lunell Haught and Haught Strategies

Whether you are in the private or public sector, I can work with you to bring clarity and perspective to your work. It will improve your understanding of your current success and challenges and anticipate what you and your organization need next. It may range from a facilitated public meeting, interpersonal or departmental conflict management, to intense leadership coaching. We will be sure we are solving the right problem or managing a complex dilemma. We will use the most effective leverage to work through plans and implementations so you and your organization can thrive. With nerves of steel, the ability to speak the unspeakable, and drawing on years of experience, I've worked with owners and leaders to compassionately make and carry out decisions and plans.

Lunell and Haught Strategies has been working independently or with other professionals to improve communication and effectiveness on behalf of clients since 1996.

I was a a pioneer in implementing Title IX at a California University; the first administrator to enable navy personnel to secure college degrees through courses onboard ships (Japan and Philippines); collaborator in the International Trade program for business; and implemented a comprehensive training program and performance management system for a county government. Lunell is an adjunct faculty member at Gonzaga University's Masters in Organizational Leadership program, teaching Conflict Management, Human Resources and Organizational Theory online and on campus.

I have a BS degree in Business Management, an MA in Counseling, and a PhD in Educational Leadership, with extensive study in organizational change. Since 2000 I have been a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), the premier award given in the consulting profession. I am a preferred bidder for the State of Washington in consulting and training for leadership, management, and communication, a former Quality Examiner, and a business plan judge for the Hogan Entrepreneurial Center.

My work has been described as...

  • Resolution without compromise
  • Extreme problem solving
  • No band-aids
  • Safe to be who you are

Haught Strategies supports...


Member, Consulting Professionals Network, Institute of Management Consultants and NAWBO.


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