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Lunell was thorough, gracious, firm, and kept all parties on task. She required all parties to be open, honest, and accountable for their issues. The end result was that everyone had the opportunity to express their issues while listening to those of the other parties. All of the participants gained greater insight into the process and the intentions of the other players. This occurred approximately one year ago, and staff morale has returned.

--Department Director

How to Work with Lunell

Organizations that are successful with their products and services, but want to improve the way they work, their infrastructure, are a great fit. Leaders who are hard working, creative and capable of self-reflection and change benefit the most from working with me.  They and their organizations become stronger and more capable. I identify natural abilities and strengths as well as important gaps to improve performance. I work to ensure direction and purpose are clear, and make sure individuals see how their goals and purpose align with the organization's.

Organizations have similarities, but their unique characteristics are what make them really fly. We can maximize benefits from your rare qualities. This may require intervention such as conflict management; facilitation to increase understanding and create working agreements; training and coaching to develop management and leadership abilities. Not one to use a band-aid approach, my work is strong, thorough, and compassionate. Occasionally, I use off-the-shelf assessments and recommend other professionals to include in our work.

There is no cost for an initial consultation to explore your situation and what might be done. Either a phone call or email will begin the process.

Whether training, speaking, or ongoing consulting projects, we begin with understanding what you want, what your current situation is, what the concern is costing and the value of resolving it.

We draft a worksheet and identify:
  1. Desired outcomes and results
  2. Stages and processes to bring them about
  3. Activities, resources, and information required
  4. Responsibilities and accountability
  5. Tentative timeline
  6. Budget

For presentations and events, I usually interview several participants to ensure a good understanding of the audience.

I make sure my work meshes with other client professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, and bankers.

I promise you I will be impartial, confidential, maintain integrity, have no conflicts of interest, and our agreements will be in writing. I adhere to the ethics of the Institute of Management Consultants.


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