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While I was at our company retreat I had the opportunity to discuss the aspects and benefits of positive constructive conflict and separating the people from the problem to our entire organization I learned from your program. I was approached by numerous coworkers who thanked me for what I said. One in particular said, "thank you for saying that, we need to figure out ways to work together so things do not get out of control."

--Retreat participant


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Lunell works with you to

  • Create and implement change plans without sabotage.
  • Identify what resistance is really about.
  • Manage change, and being changed.
  • Distinguish between current and ideal situations, and address the gap and chaos in between.
  • Create evaluation loops to ensure youíre getting to your ideal.
  • Reduce unintended consequences.


I find Lunellís work to be exceptional in a number of contexts. Her attitude is most professional, and her ability to work with diverse individuals is refreshing. She has the ability to conceptualize ideas on paper and organize group outcomes into coherent and really useable work.
--Organizational Development Specialist

Lunellís ability to present material in logical, concise, and interesting format contributed greatly to the success of our staff development. Her unique ability to weave comments from the department into the program and to moderate over poignant and sometimes spirited discussions gave the seminars the substance and credibility necessary to validate these projects. Her work has been invaluable, especially during this time of transition.
--Senior Attorney

Just got out of class and I just wanted to say thank you. Probably out of all the things Iíve learned that was one of the most amazing lessons you taught us.
--Workshop attendee

Thank you - I really enjoy your style of instruction. It was great! Change nothing, presentation was excellent, sense of humor was much appreciated, very interesting. Great Information.
--Program participant

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