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I can't believe I never learned this - it is so helpful and explains so much.



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Lunell works with you to

  • Identify the 85% of conflict that is miscommunication and do something about it.
  • Create high touch communication for your high tech world.
  • Identify your own and other’s communication filters.
  • Reduce mysterious sabotage from unintentional offenses.
  • Control defensiveness.
  • Improve giving and receiving feedback.
  • Understand and use various types of power.
  • Ensure your impact is what you intend.


Real life examples drive home the points very well.
--Workshop participant

I can’t believe I never learned this – it is so helpful and explains so much.

Excellent class, you increasingly impress me with your skills.
--Agency Director

Thank you so very much for a great session! You are a very gifted trainer and have a great mind. I’m so glad and excited you’re willing to share your gifts with the institute. The ratings were super and everyone agrees—you’re wonderful.
--Agency Director

Lunell has very effectively helped me and the top three administrators of a large corporation understand our individual communication styles and develop effective tactics to work together. She has exceptional skills in understanding the needs of the organization, listening to the concerns of individuals and developing strategies for improvement that fit within the culture of the organization. She brings a wide range of experience and approaches to her work. She is able to effectively design a program which incorporates a diversity of techniques to meet the needs of the team and organization. We’ve experienced marked improvement.

I'm overwhelmed - an engineer learning people skills - excited too.
--Planning Participant


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