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Lunell's ability to present material in logical, concise, and interesting format contributed greatly to the success of our staff development. Her unique ability to weave comments from the department into the program and to moderate over poignant and sometimes spirited discussions gave the seminars the substance and credibility necessary to validate these projects. Her work has been invaluable, especially during this time of transition.

--Senior Attorney

Conflict Resolution

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Lunell works with you to

  • Decide if you want to resolve conflict yourself or use Lunell as a third party mediator.
  • Use classic principles to improve results in at least 8 budget areas.
  • Clarify interests, understand perspectives.
  • Distinguish between "something to live with" and "wholeheartedly promote."
  • Adopt the most appropriate method for your situation, how and when to avoid, accommodate, compromise, compete or collaborate.
  • Decide what to do about conflicts you have within yourself.
  • Decide if you should say or do something at all.


Lunell was thorough, gracious, firm, and kept all parties on task. She required all parties to be open, honest, and accountable for their issues. The end result was that everyone had the opportunity to express their issues while listening to those of the other parties. All of the participants gained greater insight into the process and the intentions of the other players. This occurred approximately one year ago, and staff morale has returned.
--Department Director

This it great Lunell--thanks. I do hope we work together again soon--I appreciate your sensitive attention to this issue for us, the results have been great.
--Executive Director

I sought Lunell's counsel on strategies for working cooperatively with some enigmatic employees. Her advice was wise and useful. Our office also consulted her on matters of inner-office teamwork. Her survey, penetrating questions and training design worked well to soften the office dissension and lead us to resolution. Other crucial qualities Lunell possesses re a sense of humor, perspective on human behavior, humility and assertiveness.
--Program Manager

While I was at our company retreat I had the opportunity to discuss the aspects and benefits of positive constructive conflict and separating the people from the problem to our entire organization I learned from your program. I was approached by numerous coworkers who thanked me for what I said. One in particular said, "thank you for saying that, we need to figure out ways to work together so things do not get out of control."
--Retreat participant

Thank you for your instruction. It is proving to be one of the most practical and applicable classes I have taken so far.
--Program Administrator

Dr. Haught is fantastic, opened my eyes to things I've observed before but hadn't fully analyzed. I will benefit from this workshop immediately.
--Program Executive

Difficult information made easy to digest. This was far and away the best presentation in the conference.
--Conference attendee

What I was looking for in this program were some tools to help me accomplish just that kind of conflict management…and that is exactly what I was provided with.
--Program participant

I have had feedback from all my team as to the value of your training and insight. In fact, at our staff meeting this morning they all shared their gratitude for the opportunity to attend and bring some practical skills back.
--Director, Administration

The process worked quickly, which was a key factor for me. Director
Very professional and effective. Lunell was great to work with.
--Agency Director


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