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This it great Lunell--thanks. I do hope we work together again soon--I appreciate your sensitive attention to this issue for us, the results have been great.

--Executive Director

Services & Presentations

I will work with you to clarify your goals and create a plan or scope of work. It will include specific strategies, a timeline, a budget, and identify who will be responsible for each aspect of it. My methods include a combination of assessments, interviews, facilitated meetings, training, coaching, performance management, and group feedback. Your specific situation is used in interactive programs to bring home lessons based on your mission, purpose and values. You can improve your organizational expertise in the following areas.

Do you know what it's like when you...

want to work on undiscussables without anything blowing up? Conflict Resolution
see something needs to be different but not sure what and how? Change
can't figure out if someone can't or won't perform? Performance Management
want everyone to be heard and agree to move forward together? Facilitation
want a seasoned professional with good judgment, clarity, accountability? Coaching
want to get past your own and other's filters and biases? Communication
want to get your plan off the shelf and into hearts and minds? Planning and Implementation
get the best input as well as the set up to put it into practice? Decision Making
want someone who is entertaining, funny, and has a message? Keynotes
get blank stares when you ask questions in a group, but really want to take time away and get creative, in-depth, important work done? Retreats
are the CEO and want a confidential, competent, non-competing peer group? Business Owner's Group


Facilitating Meetings & Retreats
Business Owners Group
Is Your Open Door Policy Working?