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I sought Lunell's counsel on strategies for working cooperatively with some enigmatic employees. Her advice was wise and useful. Our office also consulted her on matters of inner-office teamwork. Her survey, penetrating questions and training design worked well to soften the office dissension and lead us to resolution. Other crucial qualities Lunell possesses re a sense of humor, perspective on human behavior, humility and assertiveness.

--Program Manager


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Lunell facilitates to

  • Ensure fairness and increase leadership’s ability to listen and/or participate.
  • Clarify purpose, provide structure for hearing and considering ideas, and move to resolution, despite group size.
  • Manage highly contentious relationships.
  • Relieve parties in high stress situations.
  • Use meeting time to make lasting, useful decisions and plans.


Thanks, Lunell. Your help with developing a plan has been so helpful to our organization. I'm really looking forward to working with a newly energized board of trustees. It seemed to be entirely painless for the participants, a good thing, and entirely positive. Thank you so very much.
--Non-profit Executive Director

That was the most civil public meeting I've ever attended
--Citizen, Contentious public meeting

People appreciated the opportunity to have candid conversations amongst a diverse group of stakeholders—your skilled stewardship of those conversations kept the group moving in a productive direction that effectively advanced key elements of our plan…your contribution was critical to the success of this important and historic event.
--Executive Director, Public Coalition

Good training is training which is effectively utilized in the workplace and beyond. This cannot happen unless the training is truly learned and carried beyond the classroom. My experience, having attended several of your programs for my staff, is that you are darned good at facilitating real learning. You are prepared, knowledgeable and well read on the subject matter. Yet, you share this information without a great deal of lecturing. Instead, you encourage discussion through numerous group exercises drawing upon shared experiences and thoughts of the participants. Anyone who has ever done this knows it involves real skill guiding these discussions towards the learning objectives.
--Division Supervisor

Lunell quickly sorts out the issues, encourages everyone to be part of the process and creates a safe environment for real dialogue and learning. When there is conflict or misunderstandings, Lunell can facilitate among team members until everyone is back on track and focusing on their work together. I have seen her bridge the gap between manager expectations and team understanding so that both sides remain focused on the job at hand. Her expertise and humor are balanced so everyone comes away feeling supported and understood.
--Training Director

I know you as a very competent and able professional with a lot of abilities in many directions. More importantly, I have known you as a fine and warm human being. A person with a lot of integrity and heart and a real passion and love for the land…and a desire to bring people together to protect it and make it better, however that can be done.
--Executive Director, National Coalition


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