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I can't believe I never learned this - it is so helpful and explains so much.



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Prepared specially for you, some topics include

  • Tough Talk: Having conversations you don't want to have - but you know you must (see sample video)
  • Public Talk: Ensuring your message is heard
  • What Happened Here? Program evaluation that makes sense.
  • Mysteries of the Universe: Bridging gender, age, temperament, and background.
  • Work Without Conflict is a Hobby: Fix it or forget it.
  • Feedback: Giving and receiving useful feedback.
  • Ethics: Straightforward guides in a confusing world.
  • Motivation: The magic of the right person in the right job – how to do it.
  • Teams: What works and what doesn’t.
  • Working on Purpose: Mission/Vision/Values.
  • Strategic Planning: Now what are we going to do?
  • Change: For individuals and organizations, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Public Participation: Making it work.

Conferences Presentations

  • International Community Development Society (International)
  • Association for Quality and Participation (National)
  • National Inst. for Community Leadership (National)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (National)
  • Public Power Association (Tri-State Region)
  • Western Regional Institute for Community Oriented Public Policing
  • Hawaii Conference on Performance Excellence (State)
  • Public Sector Quality Conference
  • Washington State Roadbuilders
  • American Planning Association (National)
  • Washington State Animal Control Officers
  • Washington State University Cooperative Extension
  • Washington State Treasurers Association
  • Washington State Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section (Regional)
  • Spokane Health District Support Staff
  • Society for Human Resource Professionals
  • Washington State Assessors Association
  • Northwest Treasury Managers Association.
  • Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs


Lunell is a great speaker. Teaches you along with reaffirming some of your existing knowledge. Allows for you to see the overall aspect of dealing with people. The materials/visual aids are great. Keeps workshop very professional.
--Department Head

Extremely smart. Keeps a humble attitude and does not have a problem with a big ego. A great sign of someone who cares about what they do.
--Program Participant

Very effective--presents lots of information in a structured but entertaining and interesting way.
--Chief Financial Officer

Excellent, best part of the conference, informative and powerful speaker.
--Conference Participant

Terrific, showed a true interest in involving the group, was willing to help and offered help after we leave and return to our office
--Workshop Participant

Loved it – very insightful

Perceptions of a team were very helpful – A light went on about coaching and hiding the ball. I’m taking on a group to coach and I think I need to be very clear about what they expect my role to be.

It was excellent. I leave feeling I have new knowledge that can benefit me both in the workplace as well as on a personal level. Priceless!! Will aid me personally and professionally.

Loved Lunell’s excellent presentation skills, well-organized, great anecdotes and humor. Great involvement with participants.

It was perfect! Priceless!! Will aid me personally and professionally.
Enlightening, insightful.
--Department Head

Just a quick note to tell you that out of the entire conference, you were the best speaker and I learned the most from you. I couldn't help but to reflect and realize that, and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed and learned from your presentation at the AQP conference. Thanks for the great opportunity!
--Assistant Vice President


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