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Lunell's ability to present material in logical, concise, and interesting format contributed greatly to the success of our staff development. Her unique ability to weave comments from the department into the program and to moderate over poignant and sometimes spirited discussions gave the seminars the substance and credibility necessary to validate these projects. Her work has been invaluable, especially during this time of transition.

--Senior Attorney


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Prepared specially for you, some topics include

  • Tough Talk: Having conversations you don't want to have - but you know you must (see sample video)
  • Public Talk: Ensuring your message is heard
  • What Happened Here? Program evaluation that makes sense.
  • Mysteries of the Universe: Bridging gender, age, temperament, and background.
  • Work Without Conflict is a Hobby: Fix it or forget it.
  • Feedback: Giving and receiving useful feedback.
  • Ethics: Straightforward guides in a confusing world.
  • Motivation: The magic of the right person in the right job – how to do it.
  • Teams: What works and what doesn’t.
  • Working on Purpose: Mission/Vision/Values.
  • Strategic Planning: Now what are we going to do?
  • Change: For individuals and organizations, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Public Participation: Making it work.

Conferences Presentations

  • International Community Development Society (International)
  • Association for Quality and Participation (National)
  • National Inst. for Community Leadership (National)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (National)
  • Public Power Association (Tri-State Region)
  • Western Regional Institute for Community Oriented Public Policing
  • Hawaii Conference on Performance Excellence (State)
  • Public Sector Quality Conference
  • Washington State Roadbuilders
  • American Planning Association (National)
  • Washington State Animal Control Officers
  • Washington State University Cooperative Extension
  • Washington State Treasurers Association
  • Washington State Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section (Regional)
  • Spokane Health District Support Staff
  • Society for Human Resource Professionals
  • Washington State Assessors Association
  • Northwest Treasury Managers Association.
  • Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs


Lunell is a great speaker. Teaches you along with reaffirming some of your existing knowledge. Allows for you to see the overall aspect of dealing with people. The materials/visual aids are great. Keeps workshop very professional.
--Department Head

Extremely smart. Keeps a humble attitude and does not have a problem with a big ego. A great sign of someone who cares about what they do.
--Program Participant

Very effective--presents lots of information in a structured but entertaining and interesting way.
--Chief Financial Officer

Excellent, best part of the conference, informative and powerful speaker.
--Conference Participant

Terrific, showed a true interest in involving the group, was willing to help and offered help after we leave and return to our office
--Workshop Participant

Loved it – very insightful

Perceptions of a team were very helpful – A light went on about coaching and hiding the ball. I’m taking on a group to coach and I think I need to be very clear about what they expect my role to be.

It was excellent. I leave feeling I have new knowledge that can benefit me both in the workplace as well as on a personal level. Priceless!! Will aid me personally and professionally.

Loved Lunell’s excellent presentation skills, well-organized, great anecdotes and humor. Great involvement with participants.

It was perfect! Priceless!! Will aid me personally and professionally.
Enlightening, insightful.
--Department Head

Just a quick note to tell you that out of the entire conference, you were the best speaker and I learned the most from you. I couldn't help but to reflect and realize that, and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed and learned from your presentation at the AQP conference. Thanks for the great opportunity!
--Assistant Vice President


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