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Dr. Haught is fantastic, opened my eyes to things I've observed before but hadn't fully analyzed. I will benefit from this workshop immediately.

--Program Executive

Performance Management

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Lunell works with you to

  • Stop dreaded evaluations, start using effective feedback.
  • Create understandable and realistic expectations.
  • Agree on how to work together, give and receive feedback.
  • Foster internal motivation.
  • Build the cycle of management from the job description to review.
  • Decide when and how to use teams.
  • Base this work on your organizational values, vision, and mission.


Lunell has been very effective in the context of helping this and other criminal justice organizations work through a number of complex personnel and organizational challenges. She has been very effective in a wide variety of situations and with diverse populations. Her understanding of how organizations really function, coupled with rare and insightful listening skills have made her very effective at getting to the heart of issues promptly. She is also particularly adept at winning the confidence and cooperation of the participants in her various projects. Lunell has the ability to relate easily to a wide cross section of clients and therefore has been successful in building consensus and a commitment to team goals and outcomes.

This is great. It's motivating, the class was involved after only a few minutes.

Great job - keep up audience interaction and using real examples and applications.

You make it easy to learn.

Thanks! This was great! I appreciate the hands on approach to learning.

Excellent as always. You do a super job!

Excellent class! I've got a great deal of information from these sessions Thank you!!!

This will be the only time I say this about a seminar but I would have liked it a little longer. Thank you. The training was all great...I will do the 3 exercises with my staff when we get back, it will help our team grow

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