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Lunell's ability to present material in logical, concise, and interesting format contributed greatly to the success of our staff development. Her unique ability to weave comments from the department into the program and to moderate over poignant and sometimes spirited discussions gave the seminars the substance and credibility necessary to validate these projects. Her work has been invaluable, especially during this time of transition.

--Senior Attorney

Planning and Implementation

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Lunell works with you to

  • Solve the biggest planning problem – failure to execute well.
  • Carve out time to plan; every hour in planning saves four in implementation.
  • Create good plans to solve the right problem, address the right issue.
  • Trouble-shoot plans before execution.
  • Address sabotage before implementation.


The Strategic Plan has propelled the Division to the forefront of department leadership, and will be most helpful as we move forward. Thanks again.
--City Director

There is no way we can adequately say “thank you” for all the help, guidance, consultation, advice, consolation, and old fashioned hard work you’ve done for us! The Art School has come a long way these past ten months. You have been our guide.
--Non-Profit Executive Director

Our staff unanimously recommended that Lunell be retained to facilitate the Strategic Planning process. She has effectively steered the Division through this task, which seemed very daunting at the outset. She assisted our staff developing the format, objectives, and phases into manageable segments. We have greatly benefited from Lunell’s expertise and guidance.
--Department Director

With your assistance, we have been able to recognize appropriate ideas in development and advocacy. You have encouraged and directed the Board regarding community involvement, leadership development and new board member recruitment. All of these have directly related to the implementation and advancement of a strategic plan for our organization. In addition, you have been a great sounding board for me while working through these delicate situations. I have appreciated your solid advice.

Lunell has an excellent rapport and working relationship with local Law Enforcement and her participation, reputation, and expertise in this area was critical for our involvement. She has provided valuable and timely feedback regarding overall capability, process, and functioning of the project. She has proven to be competent, thorough, dependable, professional, attentive and responsive to requests, pleasant to work with, capable, honest, trustworthy, and has conducted all activities with the project with the highest integrity.
--Project Director


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