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While I was at our company retreat I had the opportunity to discuss the aspects and benefits of positive constructive conflict and separating the people from the problem to our entire organization I learned from your program. I was approached by numerous coworkers who thanked me for what I said. One in particular said, "thank you for saying that, we need to figure out ways to work together so things do not get out of control."

--Retreat participant


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Lunell leads retreats and workshops, handling the process while you handle the content. You will walk away with a plan, a decision, an implementation strategy, all based on your mission, vision and values. If you don’t have these foundation aspects for your organization before the retreat, you will after! You can have people say, “Wow, we got tons done, and I can’t believe how candid people were!”

Retreats and workshops are designed specifically for
you and include

  • Pre-planning and interviewing
  • Goal identification
  • New learning (content or process) to be achieved
  • Decisions to be made
  • Implementation plans
  • Accountability measures
  • Agenda
  • Follow-up


I really appreciate the expertise you brought to our planning retreat. You hit the nail on the head on every issue that we addressed beforehand and I know our team is excited to follow through. Thank you so much for your time, professionalism, and caring.

Thanks for bringing such life to us.
--Agency CEO

Your organization, preparation, and presentation skills proved to be invaluable to the systematic flow of material presented to the 28 individuals attending the retreat. As the retreat facilitator, you were the catalyst to insure that every session was informative, stimulating, and completed within the allotted time frame. Lunell, your guidance, expertise, insight, and thought provoking ideas and suggestions greatly enhanced our ability to have such a wonderful and productive retreat. We are indebted to you and are extremely appreciative for all of your efforts. You are a true professional, and the accolades, positive comments, and credit bestowed on you by our Board members are certainly well deserved. Thank you!
--Chairman, Law and Justice Council


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